How To Get Grace Marks In AKTU UPTU

The main semester examination of all branches is finished of the AKTU UPTU University. Some Students have done their examination very well but there are some students on the other side also who are not able to give their best and now looking for the rule or the process of how to get grace marks in UPTU AKTU University.

We all know that AKTU UPTU University recently updated their rules and process related to grace marking scheme. Earlier the grace marking rule is like – A student used to get 40 grace marks in a 4-year-course with the restriction that only 10 marks can be used in a year and maximum five marks to clear a subject.

The New UPTU AKTU Grace Marks Rule:
A student has the flexibility of using 40 grace marks in any year as per the requirement. However, the new provision comes with a rider that maximum 15 grace marks can be used to clear a particular subject and for this he/she should have scored at least 15% marks in that subject.

In Brief, this new rule states that you are eligible to get 40 marks in total in any year as grace marks. However, it must be noted down that in each subject you can get maximum 15 marks as grace marks to clear that subject.

For example, if you got 15 marks in a subject then you are eligible to get 15 marks as grace marks to clear the subject but if you score 14 marks or less then you are not eligible for the grace marks.

However, you also have to keep this thing in mind that you can only get maximum 40 marks in total as a grace mark. So if you need more than 40 marks to clear all the subjects, you are not eligible for this by the new rule of grace marking in UPTU AKTU.
You can also read all the rules and regulations related to this on the official website of the AKTU.


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