AKTU UPTU Practical Examination Dates

As the main semester exam of almost all branches has been finished in the UPTU AKTU University, Students are now looking for the AKTU UPTU Practical Examination Dates. If you are also looking for the same then congratulations you have landed in the right place.

Till now UPTU AKTU University has not official declared the dates for the practical exams of various courses but it is said that the dates will in between 1st week of January.

Some Teachers and staff of colleges are also predicting the dates and saying that most probably the dates will be in between 3rd January to 10th January. As all the students are waiting eagerly for the practical dates, so that they can go to their homes and enjoy the winter holidays.

But it seems like university is no mood of releasing the dates of practical examination for all branches and give relaxation to the students of UPTU AKTU University.

But don’t worry we are here for you, we can tell you the dated of practical examination as soon as the UPTU AKTU releases it officially, or if you want you can also check on the official website of AKTU.

When asked about the practical examination dates and when they are going to release the dates, Official at AKTU University said that they are working on this and very soon all the details is going to be released on their official website.

Some people are claiming that the delay in the dates of practical examination is due to the long term of main semester examination which are going on till the last week of December and the university wants the students to get some time and be prepared before facing the external practical examination.

No Matter what, some students are actually enjoying this delay in practical examination and when asked their responses they said they are enjoying the holidays and they are all ready to give the practical examination as soon as the university releases the dates.


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