Chaudhary Charan Singh University has decided to take bold steps on the Scholarship scandal which is going on in their university. Now they have decided to take some important steps to stops this fraud which is going on in the name of the scholarship in colleges affiliated to CSS university Meerut.

For Scholarship Attendance Must Be above then 75% - CCS University, Meerut, UP

CCS University has changed their criteria for giving scholarships and have rolled out a new notice in which it is said that only those student are applicable for scholarship whose attendance is more than 75%. University also directed all the colleges to set up biometric machines for attendance verification. 

You can check out this notice on their official website:

There have been many fraud cases related to scholarship from a long time. There are many cases in which the student who gets a scholarship is having a fake admission. CCS University takes several measures to prevent this but all as gone in vain. Now they have come up with this idea. let’s hope this idea work well for them


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